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Talent idea


Persisting the idea of “People-oriented” in enterprise development, DONGLI Sports pays a lot of attention to employee’s growth and development, and builds a great platform and promotion space for every employee.

People work in DONGLI Sports should combine ability with political integrity.

Political integrity means:

1. Lofty dedication spirit: pay attention to overall situation, take the company as his own, have good combination of strong career ambition, high-developed sense of responsibility and steady state of mind.
2.Correct values: be upright, selfless and fair, advocate "no pains, no gains", firmly believe that to get deserved reward through your own hard working. 
3.Team spirit: pay attention to overall situation, work as a good team player with teamwork attitude. Concern for team goals rather than personal interests.  

Ability means:

1. Excellent professional knowledge and skills: This is the basic requirement of the work ability for an employee.
2. Clear goals: Carry out the work creatively to accomplish company’s goals, in compliance with the rules and regulations of the company.
3. Objective analysis ability and independent ability to handle affairs: can give accurate and objective evaluation to any complex and difficult circumstance, and can complete the work correctly and independently.
4. Practical creativity: with unique insights and perfect thinking system, think positively in the work, offer new and reasonable proposals, and can convert it to a new practical action plan.
5. Learning ability: Learn from the success and failure of yourself or other people, sum up experience, learn to achieve progress. Constantly update knowledge structure, have the ability to learn new knowledge and skills.


Prosperity of our company is the wish of every employee. Company also has high expectation for every employee, and tries to meet the material needs and spiritual needs of employees. Hope every employee work hard and make the best of yourself in DONGLI stage.


We specialize in the research and development and production of clean heating products such as solid electric energy storage heating devices, high-voltage electrode boilers, air waste heat recovery machines, electric coal substitutes, wind power heating, and peak shaving.


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